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Who am I to tell you how to write songs

I am no one in particular - there you go I said it! No reason to read any further.  Click close and move onto a serious songwriter!

But here’s why I might just have something worth telling you:

I’m possibly just like you, I know the struggle, I’ve been down some of the deadends - so maybe I could save you some heartache.

I started messing about with song ideas over twenty years ago.  I gave it up for ten of those years, and didn’t write a single word of a lyric.  I didn’t know if I would even pick it up again. What changed my mind was finding other people at the same point.  I also found people that had actually been successful, (okay in the past), but they spoke with knowledge of those who had seen it, done it, got the T-Shirt, and had washed it a few times.

Songwriting can seem a lonely task, and perhaps your friends just don’t get it, and tell you to stop wasting your time.  I’m here to say, if you have it in you to want to express yourself in lyrics and songs, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.  It’s possible to achieve it, but don’t go it alone.  I’ll talk more about collaboration in another blog, but for now consider me as your first encourager to press on with this crazy dream.

Don’t Quit - was the first thing I learnt from my mentors - and four years on I still hold onto that simple mantra.  On 1st December 2019 my first co-written song will be released to the major streaming platforms - what seemed like an unachievable goal back when I started out.

I’m still around to tell you that it could have been a different story.

Next time: You are not a professional, it’s just a hobby right? Wrong!

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