• Hugh Webber


Updated: Oct 16, 2020

The lockdown hit us all for six, none of us had really expected what was coming.  It was the same for me.  I saw my friends' gigs cancelled, songwriting sessions put off; I just couldn’t see how I could continue to be creative.  For a couple of weeks I just couldn’t write anything, I had no new ideas.

What got me out of this creative fog was getting involved in the ‘You Make It Better’ project which was a local charity record supporting the NHS.  I didn’t really have to do a lot other than play a few guitar lines, but it did give me the chance to support one of the organisers and try to offer moral and some technical advice.

Amid the plethora of online gigs, I started to see that other people were doing online collaborations, and as a result of messaging a couple of my songwriting buddies I arranged something.  I started to see that I hadn’t completely killed the muse, and that co-writing online although not ideal, does work.

I quickly started talking to more songwriting contacts and steadily set up more co-writes, to the point I was doing up to three co-writes a week.  That was more than I’d ever done before and with people I could not have easily physically written with (due to distance).

I have completed some of those original co-writes, and have more currently running, plus another three planned to start imminently and next month!  Thanks to one of those co-writes I found and joined Songlink, and quickly connected to two producers (Netherlands and Los Angeles) who had tracks written that needed lyrics and melodies.  So that started another two track writing projects each.

So basically I have never been so busy writing songs!

If you haven’t done it already - please take this as a strong encouragement to contact your songwriting connections, and say hello. Email  / message local artists you know, and just start some conversations and see where they lead.

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