• Hugh Webber


Things change and need to be updated for modern living.  So the Song House has got an extension!

You’ve had the high of the chorus, but why not live a little longer in that moment, and stay up on the roof !

Welcome to the B Chorus or the Post-Chorus.

This is a common element often found in modern pop songs, but this concept can be used in any genre.

The Post Chorus is often just a simplified version of the main chorus sometimes with a new musical hook and simpler lyrics, or maybe just the title or a repeated phrase or vocal effect hook.

It's not a place to add new information, or song story.

So let's recap on the whole Song House:

  • A strong foundational single idea

  • Verses which tell the story of the song in some detail

  • A Chorus which sums up the whole story in a short title or phrase 

  • A Pre-Chorus if you needed extra tension or story connection

  • A Bridge if you needed to say something extra and show the listener the Chorus in a new light

  • A Post Chorus if you love your Chorus so much and think the listener will too.

This is the last in this series based around Ithe idea of a SongHouse. I hope you have enjoyed reading it, as much as I have writing it. Please do contact me and let me know what you think, and any other ideas for future weeks.

If you are struggling to apply these ideas to your own writing  I'd be more than happy to help.



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