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I’ve been a Twitter user myself for about 5 years now.  You notice the regular fans for various artists - retweeting, commenting and liking all their posts.  However in the last few weeks one stood out, who was always there, always in the conversations, popping up at Live Streams and getting mentions on Country music stations.

Her name is Jessica Bruinekool from the Netherlands.

Jessica was kind enough to let me quiz her on how this all happened and how you can be a super fan yourself.

Q - So Jessica, I guess you’ve always been a big user of social media?

Before Covid-19 I was rarely on twitter.  I tweeted sometimes about podcasts, but didn’t really use it that much.

Q - That surprised me! So what started this new level of twitter use?

Last year I started to follow Nick Jordan, a rapper. I tweeted about his music. Then Covid came and I was still tweeting about Nick Jordan. What really kicked it off was then Alexis Taylor started to follow me and after that more and more country artists. I have to admit, I didn't even know who they all were (haha).

Q - So is it just Country music artists you promote?

No, it was also Indie Artists, although I didn’t know a lot about them either! I seriously thought that Indie music was music from India!

The more I tweeted about their music, the more artists started to follow me. Then Jessie Lynn started to follow me and then things changed quickly, because of that Jessica Lynn started to follow me and she did an Interview with Jess T on Countryradio.uk and I started to listen to Jess T and the other shows. I told them about Jessie Lynn and more artists continued to follow me.

Q - So what were you doing to get all this attention?

I requested songs on country radio and I became a frequent requester there.  This popularity helped me to promote other artists on their station.

It became so much more than just promoting people. I got in contact with many people and made lots of new friends, who I had lots of conversations with in the DMs.  In doing so I also connected a lot of people with each other. I like to see that.

Q - So amid all the bad things happening with Covid-19 this was really positive then?

Yes, absolutely, despite it so many good things happen.  I love helping people and I don't want anything out of it.  I do it because I love to do it and they all deserve the support.  I sincerely hope that they succeed in their music careers.  They all are awesome. 

I strongly believe that you can do good to people and don't want anything back. I now love to just make them happy.  I support about 34 artists I think, I’ve lost count!  I know I will probably never meet any of them who I support, but that doesn't matter.  That's not why I'm doing it.

Q - That’s really generous of you. So are you looking to expand that support or cut it down!  You must be on Twitter a lot!

Actually more people started to DM me and send songs to listen to. If I like them I tweet about it. If not I don't.

Q - Is it any music or more specifically Country music you like?

I like all kinds of music genres. Although it was mainly Pop & Rap initially.  This Country music thing I almost don't really know how that happened.  The country music community is an awesome community.   They all appreciate it & that's why I keep doing it.

Q - So how do you fit this around your daily life, as I say, you always seem to be online!  

When I have to work I get up 1hr earlier and I send out my tweets which I made the day before.

Q - So tell me a little more in detail about your Radio promoting activities?

So how I got involved with radio stations is really a lucky coincidence, because I never really listened to radio that much.  The only radio show I listened to was on Heart radio London Feel good weekend with Emma Bunton.

I was tweeting about a couple of artists and then I actually mixed up Jessie Lynn & Jessica Lynn then when I realized I listened to Jessica Lynn’s music and enjoyed it so I started following her too.  Then she said that she was going to be on Countryradio.uk for an interview on the Jess T show back in July.

I listened to Jess T and her show and she mentioned the other shows on the station.  That’s when I started to listen to the Ali Clark show and she mentioned in her show that you could request songs.  I got in contact with Ali Clark on Twitter and after a few shows I requested a song by Jessie lynn.

Q - It sounds like you enjoyed being able to interact with the show yourself?

Yes! I also started to listen to “It's The weekend” with Ali & Matt. They also said that you could request songs so I did that also on Twitter for their show on the countryradio.uk twitter account.

From there I introduced them to a couple of new artists who I was following and supporting like Jessie Lynn & David Adam Brynes.

Q - It sounds like it was snowballing from there?

I guess I was requesting a lot and got to know Ali more and I became popular on the Ali Clark show and “It's the weekend”.  It was because of that I got to know more Country artists and started to request songs every week on the shows.

About a month ago Jessie Lynn did a performance with two other guys I had never heard about.  One was Hunter Lott and after I checked him out on YouTube I started to support him too.  I got in contact with him on Twitter, he is an awesome guy.

Then he said that you could vote for him on Indie Star radio and request his songs on the same radio station, so I did!  From that point I requested his song everyday on Indiestar and I still do.  He became No 1 on Indiestar top 21, and that was the first time he went on there. Then the next week he was No 1 again!  He also became Artist of the Year fan favorite Male category.  That was all in just 3 weeks that he was on Indie Star radio.

Q - Wow, it sounds like you really are a super influencer!  But I know it didn’t stop there!

Then Biddy Ronelle & David's song "Let The Music Play" came to Indie star and I started to request that song, and still do that every day.  They were last week No 14 on Indiestar Radio the Top 21.

I keep tweeting that I request songs on Indie Star and more people started to do that.

Q - How specifically did the Hunter Lott fan club start?

I don’t remember what caused it, but we created a group chat on twitter with Hunter Lott & the Lizard, Jessie Lynn and me, and we dragged more people along in it and that's how Ali got to know Hunter. She started to listen to his songs and she became a fan of him.  Then Ali started to play Hunter's song on her show and then Jess T also and more people started to listen to Hunter.

Q - So is it easy to request songs on the radio?

It's very easy to request songs on the radio.  Some of them have a request box on their website or for some radio shows, you can request songs with their apps or on social media.  The radio stations always tell how you can request songs on their radio stations.

Thank you for sharing that epic story with me.  So really the key message is that a great way to really support your favourite artists is to request their songs on the radio.  That way you get them known by the DJs and hopefully can get them more attention and recognition generally by the whole audience listening.

I also wanted to thank you specifically for your support for Becky Lawrence (country music artist who I co-write with), which is of course how we got connected.

Well may you go on tweeting and promoting for as long as you are able - lots of artists are really appreciative of your generous activities.  Thank you Jessica.


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