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Helping singers & songwriters explore their potential

Let me encourage you to see new ways to view your creative ideas, and collaborate with you to
transform them into fully finished songs you will be proud of.

20 years experience including:

 - Personally mentored by Ray Davies (The Kinks)

- Platinum Songwriter Academy, London

- Cuts on Country music released songs with UK CMA finalist

- Short listed for London based Musical Theatre project 

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All of these songs were collaborations, and that is an important feature of my approach to songwriting, and the norm in the industry.
Its all about getting together and creating something greater than your individual ideas
I love the moments during a co-write when you are onto a great idea or an addictive melody
I like to use strong images combined with authentic emotions whenever I can. 


There are other songs which are unreleased but available for Sync or release to Artist.
Listen to those songs with this link  Contact me by any of my social media accounts, if you want to know more about these songs or potentially use them for a covers / music project.


Michael Garvin

Grammy nominee & Multi Platinum writer of 22 No.1 hit songs including “Waiting For Tonight”, & country hits for Kenny Rogers, Tammy Wynette

"I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Hugh for some time now, and he is one of the most talented young writers I've encountered. His versatility, integrity and work ethic are sure to insure him a bright future.”


Dominic King

Multi Platinum Songwriter including “My Simple Heart” 3 Degrees, “Modern Girl” Sheena Easton, “Music Sounds better with you” Stardust

"I've worked with Hugh on a number of occasions and am happy to vouch for his talent as a composer and lyricist. He is also a proficient producer and knows how to make the songs sound great. Other assets that will prove useful in any long-term project are his dependability, objectivity and determination to get things right."



Today I help singers and songwriters explore their own potential.  I encourage them to see new ways to view their creative ideas, working alongside to transform them into fully finished songs they are proud of.

Are you struggling to get started or get stuck when you songwrite?
Let's begin that journey together...


Have you ever felt you were travelling in the exact opposite direction to what you had planned or wanted?


At the end of my first year at University, I was faced with a full house of fail marks.  Because of a crushing lack of self confidence, I had deliberately failed so I would have to leave.  Then faced with the reality of escape, I realised that was even worse.  Fortunately my professor saw my potential, gently encouraged my confidence, and helped me to see other workarounds I could try.  I moved to a course that suited me better, and so I stayed.


The experience of trying to fail, taught me a lot about the fear of failure, or to be more exact, the fear of the unwanted outcome.  But I still had all this chaos inside of me, and no means to get it out.  That was when I discovered the releasing power of writing those things down, and began writing basic lyrics just for my own eyes.


It opened a gate to allow my stifled feelings and emotions to be set free into songs that expressed the deep feelings even I couldn’t understand whilst they remained in my head.


- 20 years experience

- Personally mentored by Ray Davies (The Kinks)

- Platinum Songwriter Academy, London

- Music tracks for advertising

- Ghost writer for multitude of European and US producers

- Cuts on Country music released songs with UK CMA finalist

- Top 40 charting single

- UK Songwriting Competition semi-finalist

- Short listed for London based Musical Theatre project


Why ZephyrHill Music?

I’ve been mistaken for a music publisher, a radio station and even a record label!  Hopefully you've worked out by now, I am predominately a songwriter.


I’ve always had a love of American town names since a young age, and a love of American bands like Journey, Toto and artists like John Cougar.


When it came to restarting my music career in 2015 after a ten year break (while my kids were very young), I wanted a name to operate behind, something more interesting than my natural name.


A Zephyr wind is a gentle warm wind of change that blows in.  A hill is of course a great place to observe and reflect on life around you.


My logo includes this and more too.  It’s a classic winged disc which represents divinity  / God, housing a treble clef, so putting music centre stage to be a method of exploring ideas of faith and the big questions of life such as:


What is human identity?

What is our existence for?


My ‘Zephyr Wind’ project in 2021 is going to explore some of those ideas musically with an accompanying narrative of my own key life experiences and reflections.

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